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Levi United Football Club Travels to Chowan University for their First Scrimmage

Published Feb 25, 2019

GREENVILLE, N.C. – Levi United Football Club Men's team hits the road for their first scrimmage on March 2, 2019 at Chowan University in Murfreesboro, North Carolina. Levi United Football Club, Chowan University Men’s Soccer team and UK Premier Elite team will all three be taking part in the scrimmage. 

WHEN:     Saturday, March 2, 2019

WHERE:   Chowan University

GAMES:   Game 1: 1:30 PM- Chowan University Men’s team VS UK Premier Elite

                 Game 2: 3:00 PM- Levi United Football Club VS UK Premier Elite

                 Game 3: 4:15 PM- Levi United Football Club VS Chowan University Men’s team  


LUFC Player Interviews 


Salatiel Carreno


Freddy Aceves


Daniel Herrera        


Levi United Football Club had the opportunity to interview the players pictured above at practice. These guys as well as the rest of the team are anxiously awaiting the games this weekend. They are ready to play hard and win. Below are the questions they were asked along with their answers.

 “What is your expectation for Levi United FC’s first scrimmage?”.

  • Salatiel: “My expectation for LUFC is to take all of the knowledge and skills that we have learned and performed at practice and make it a reality and we will be unstoppable.”
  • Freddy: “I expect for everyone to play well and preform on the field united as one. I know that if we show up ready to play then we will come out with a win. I am ready to lead my team into battle.”
  • Daniel: “I expect for us to do good and play as a team. In the game is when I think it will become a reality and we will all come together and fight for a win.”

Do you feel like you and your team mates are ready to lead into battle and fight for a win?

  • Salatiel: “Yes, I know we are prepared and that we are capable of winning both games. We have worked way too hard to give up and not fight for a win.”
  • Freddy: “Yes, I am ready for this battle and I know myself as well as all of my team mates will fight hard for this win.”
  • Daniel: “Yes, we are more than ready for this fight and I know that we will come out with our first of many wins as LUFC.”

What is your advice to the team before the first scrimmage?

  • Salatiel: “We can beat any team that we face if we play together and remember no one on the field is better than anyone else. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but as one we will never be defeated.”
  • Freddy: “Everyone deserves to be out here. If we play as one and have the mindset and attitude, then no team will be able to stop us.”
  • Daniel: “We will have our good games and we will have our bad games, but we have to stick as one and play as a team and this will make us unstoppable.”

What is your prediction of the score for the two games that LUFC will play in the scrimmage?

  • Salatiel: LUFC VS. UK Elite: 2-1; LUFC VS. Chowan: 2-1
  • Freddy: LUFC VS.UK Elite: 2-1; LUFC VS. Chowan: 2-1
  • Daniel: LUFC VS. UK Elite: 2-1; LUFC VS. Chowan: 2-0


LUFC Head Coaches Thoughts and Expectations

Coach Emmanuel is looking forward to his first official game with LUFC. He is very excited about the opportunity to show his expertise as a coach. He has been planning for March 2ndfor months. Coach Emmanuel said “I am very happy to be the Head Coach of this up and coming great football club. I am ready for the battle to get my team playing as one and producing quality football for our fans. I think we can beat any team we play. My expectation is to have a focused team ready to fight and bring home wins.”


Everyone is more than welcome to join the team on the road at Chowan University this Saturday March 2, 2019 to cheer the team on to victory!