Levi United FC

Our Founder

Levi United Football Club was established by our founder, Emmanuel Sarkorh. Emmanuel was born in Monrovia, Liberia in 1995. As a child in Liberia, Emmanuel and his family love to play soccer and joined community teams which would play games anywhere they could, but they mostly played in people’s yards. When his home country became ravaged by civil war, he and members of his family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina on July 4, 2005, when Emmanuel was only 10-years-old. 

While Liberia’s civil war raged all around him and created violence and uncertainly, there was one thing that kept Emmanuel’s spirits up and provided a sort of therapy for him: playing soccer or doing anything he could with a soccer ball. 

Upon arrival in Charlotte, Emmanuel quickly found outlets for his passion of playing soccer. As a child he played for the Charlotte Soccer Academy. He also eventually joined the HOSA Football Club in Charlotte, a community soccer group composed of Liberians in the area. Emmanuel played for North Mecklenburg High School as a teenager. His hard work with studies and his natural soccer talent brought him to Eastern North Carolina where he was on the Men’s Soccer Team at Chowan University. Emmanuel completed his studies at Chowan University and decided to transfer to East Carolina University, where he is currently pursuing a degree in Sports Studies in the College of Health and Human Performance with a minor in Business Management.

Emmanuel still enjoys playing soccer, but has decided to pursue a noble and honorable passion of his: bringing the sport of soccer to children and young adults who have been overlooked or have few resources or options for training. Emmanuel wants children to experience the joy of soccer and to use it as a catalyst for change in their life and in their community. Emmanuel wants to make highly effective and rewarding training available to novices or those with advanced skills, at prices within reach of everyone. 

Youth sports has become a billion dollar industry – but Emmanuel knows that this industry is leaving behind kids who cannot afford the high cost of joining soccer clubs or paying for quality training experiences. He wants to introduce these kids to the sport he loves and develop them to be good soccer players and leaders in charge of their own destiny, in a supportive environment that is safe, friendly and fun. Emmanuel and the entire LUFC team hope you will join us in building a great soccer program.