Levi United FC

Men Training Information

Levi United Football Club training focuses on technical mastery with a special focus on audio and visual awareness for players to get better.


LUFC's focus is to help players learn comfort on the pitch, and more importantly, feel confidence on the ball.  


Three key aspects of LUFC possession:

  • Tight Ball Control / Turns
  • 1st Touch / Speed of Play
  • Dribbling in Space / Taking on Defenders


Each area of focus builds through LUFC’s training level of Mastery:


  • Rhythm and Coordination
  • Accuracy
  • Timing
  • Speed of Play


Our session will create an environment that allows players to feel comfortable with each pass on the pitch, then help ensure our player accuracy to know exactly where the ball is at all times and defensive ball hunting. Once the players have mastery in their skills set training, we will have a series of games that are used each day where players challenge each other, and points are awarded for a combination of mastery of techniques and scoring.


Every training scores are recorded for each player by our coaches, and player evaluation are given at the end of two months training session. 


Our session will also include a focus on specific skills like serving a ball, shooting, volleying, juggling, defensive pressing. 


Each day we will increase the complexity and intensity to keep our players challenged and motivated to learn. Players will touch the ball a lot in training, but it will be wise for them to touch the ball at home to keep improving their touches.