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The Birth of US Highway 13 Rivalry

Published Jun 25, 2019

GREENVILLE, N.C. – Levi United Football Club Men's team hits the road for their preseason match on June 29, 2019 at Goldsboro Strike Eagles Football Club in Goldsboro, North Carolina. This game will be the birth of a new United Premier Soccer League US Highway 13 rivalry. It will also be a test for this young Levi United Football Club team before their UPSL season starts this fall.


WHEN:     Saturday, June 29, 2019

WHERE:   Goldsboro Strike Eagles Football Club

GAME:     7:00 PM- Levi United Football Club VS Goldsboro Strike Eagles Football Club


LUFC Player Interviews 

Antonio Lewis (Defender)

Enrique Ochoa (Midfielder)

Levi United Football Club had the opportunity to interview two players at practice. These guys as well as the rest of the team are anxiously awaiting the games this weekend. They are ready to play hard and win. Below are the questions they were asked along with their answers.

What is your expectation for this game?

  • Antonio: “I have high expectations for this game. The team has been fired up ever since last month since we were told we were playing Goldsboro FC. We’re definitely coming in with a killer mentality because we want to show one of our conference opponents that we’re not here just for fun.”
  • Enrique: “I expect the team to show up and demonstrate what it is capable of doing this upcoming fall UPSL season by making a statement that it is here to win.”

Do you feel like this team is ready to fight for a win?

  • Antonio: “This team is more than ready to fight for a win! The intensity brought to every practice session shows that we are more than ready to go to Goldsboro and come back with a win!”
  • Enrique: “This team is full of players that love to win, and you can see that at practice in every game we play. Coach E emphasizes a warrior mentality and that is exactly how we play. We have been working hard for months now and are ready to fight for the win.”

How has the preparation for this game been going so far?

  • Antonio: “The preparation has been great. Everyone’s getting used to playing with one another and showing a lot more confidence now. We have ballers on our team that understand each other and know how to play the game.”
  • Enrique: “I believe it took us a couple of weeks to understand each other and build some chemistry and get to a point where we are comfortable with each other. However, we have reached a good point and have built some good connections amongst teammates. Overall, we have been preparing really well for this game and are hungry for the win.”

What is your advice to the team for this game?

  • Antonio: “My advice to the team would be to come out ready to fight for the win with our guards up as well. The intensity and hustle we use on the practice field, transition it to the game field. Play hard, play smart and play with heart!”
  • Enrique: “My advice for the team is to simply practice what has been preached during training and just have fun.”

What is your prediction of the score for this game?

  • Antonio: “My prediction for the game is 3-0 Levi United FC coming back to Greenville with the win! If Goldsboro scores it will be because of a fluke or a mistake.”
  • Enrique: “My prediction for the game is a 3-1 win for Levi United FC.” 



LUFC Head Coach Thoughts and Expectations

Coach Emmanuel is looking forward to this game. He is very excited about the opportunity to showcase his teams progress before their national league season starts this fall. He has been planning for June 29th for weeks. Coach Emmanuel said “I am excited for this game. With Goldsboro Strike Eagles FC being in our conference this fall, I think it will give my boys a feel for what to expect when our season starts. I am ready to showcase my team’s talent and produce a quality football for our fans coming to watch us. I think we can beat any team we play. My expectation is to have a focused team ready to fight and bring home a win.”


Everyone is more than welcome to join the team on the road at Goldsboro Strike Eagles Football Club this Saturday June 29, 2019 to cheer the team on to victory!