Levi United FC

Youth U13-U15

Levi United Football Club will adopt a player centered approach developing Technical, Tactical, Physiological and Psychological areas of performance for each player within a safe learning environment to maximize each players learning potential. It is our goal at LUFC to develop players who will transition through each phase, all the way to the Collegiate/Professional phase.


Our Way:


Upon the completion of the players season, the player will have a clear understanding of the following: 

  1. Making decisions under pressure: our players will have the awareness to making correct decisions on the pitch. 
  2. Simplicity value of the game: do not fold under pressure to force the ball or being careless with the ball.
  3. Keep possession: all players will value possession of the ball and will be good at retaining possession in different situations.
  4. Quality passes: passes should be accurate with the correct weight.
  5. First touch: make a clean, controlled first touch taking the ball away from pressure into space.
  6. Awareness: player should constantly be scanning the field of play.
  7. 1v1 ability: have courage to regain control of the ball in defense and creativity in attack to beat defenders.
  8. Individual transition: players will react quickly when possession changes hands.
  9. Taking shots: all players will be encouraged to shoot if in open space. 
  10. Taking risks: Our players will be encouraged to take risks at the right time.